Thursday, June 13, 2013

Black Forest Fire

It's day 3 of the Black Forest Fire.

For all the years that I lived there, there had always been talk of the fire risk.  Everyone was careful to the extreme; after all, we all lived in a very very dry forest!

Then last summer there was a fire... in Colorado Springs!  What?  That's backwards... isn't Black Forest the high risk area?  The Waldo Canyon Fire brought evacuating friends to stay with my parents.  I never thought that would happen!  That was a huge fire, coming over the mountains and into the western side of The Springs.  Sadly, 346 home were destroyed, and thousands of residents were evacuated with no notice.  That fire certainly rattled everyone, but the community pulled together and started to rebuild.

Now, less than a year later, it happened.   Three days ago smoke started billowing, flames spreading, and evacuation notices went out.  Here's a link to my mom's experience:

As you know, I don't live in Colorado right now.  We are in Everett, WA, just a little ways north of Seattle.  While that gives me much relief from the smoke and ash, I also feel a bit at a loss of what to do.  I just want to help!  My childhood hometown is burning.  Friends and family have evacuated, some of them losing their homes en total.  Fortunately, our home is currently safe, and hopefully will remain so as long as the winds don't blow toward it.

So what can I do?  I can pray!  And so can you.  Pray for the families, the responders, the animals and properties.  Pray for peace, wisdom and safety.  Pray for the winds to stop blowing and the rain to come!  Pray for containment of the fire, and that it stops spreading.  Pray for those who don't know the circumstances of their loved ones.  And thank Jesus that so far, everyone is safe!

Oh, and please pray that they rescue our chickens in time!  They are safe from the fire, but there is still heat, smoke, and they are running out of food and water.  Hopefully they will get them soon and they are still alive!