Thursday, November 3, 2011

It's Cookie Monster!!

Monday was Halloween.  Ian and I signed up with our Fusion Group (like a small group) to participate in Canyon Creek Church's annual Trunk or Treat.  Basically, families and fusion groups sign up to take parking lot spaces at the Mill Creek Town Hall.  You open up your trunk, decorate your car (and yourselves) and hand out candy to kids.  This is a big event.  No, this is a HUMONGOUS event.  There are fire trucks and policemen to help navigate and control the crowds.  Before it begins at 6:30pm, there is a line-up of kids and parents waiting.

So, this year, our Fusion Group decided to decorate a dump truck with a basketball hoop and lots of white, orange, purple, and green lights.  The truck was able to lift up, so that way the basketballs would roll back to where we were standing.  It worked great!

My awesome sister and brother in law visited us just a few weeks back, and she brought some home made Halloween costumes that they weren't going to wear this year: Cookie Monster and an un-named Muppet.  Since we had them already, Ian and I decided to go ahead and don them for the big event.  We were so surprised at the response from the parents and kids!  We were handing out candy right before the kids could step up and try their hand at making a basket.  Kids would gasp, "It's Cookie Monster!" Parents asked to take their picture with us.  I even shook a little girl's hand (she thought I was the Sesame Street character "Rosita.")

Some of the other displays that groups and families came up with were a pirate theme, Lego land, Angry Birds display, King Kong (with a snow machine!), a "petting zoo" where the group dressed up like animals, a magic carpet, and more.

All in all it was a huge success of an event, and loads of fun!  Thousands of kids came through that day dressed up as their favorite action heroes and princesses.  If you ever get the opportunity to participate in something like this, I highly recommend it!  It doesn't take a lot of supplies to make a fun "trunk", (we just had lights to decorate, but it looked great!) and the church and community provided the candy through donations. (Otherwise we would have ran out in minutes!)  Already we are thinking up ideas for next year.  Perhaps another game or activity?

What did YOU do for Halloween?

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  1. Appropriately, Halloween was a scary day for me. I went to the dentist and to the DMV (which used up 2 hours!).

    Then I went home. We live too far out of town to get trick-or-treaters, so we didn't even buy any candy. No party. No costume. No leftover candy. 8-(