Thursday, December 1, 2011

Coming this June!

If you haven't heard already...
We're expecting our first baby this June!!  The due date is June 11 to be exact, though we all know that the likelihood of the little one to be born on their due date is quite slim.
Other than this little announcement, we don't have too many details to share yet.  We don't know if we're having a boy or girl yet, or what we'll name him/her, or even what the nursery will be like (we barely even own anything "baby" other than a few blankets, some books, and one onsie.)  But that's ok!  We have lots of time, right?  Like 9.. no...ummm... 6 1/2 months left.  Ah, well, we'll figure it out.

We are so excited!!


  1. Most exciting news ever!

    Read those books now. You won't have time to once the baby arrives. But on the other hand, the baby has never been a baby before, either. You'll learn together.

    You and your sister were both born within nine hours of your due dates. Maybe "Brownie" will be as punctual.

  2. Connor's birthday is on the 6th. :) We are very excited for you both!!