Thursday, February 23, 2012

Up to Speed

Hi Everybody!
So sorry that I've been away for so long...  It's been really crazy in my life (in a wonderful way!)  I thought I would catch you up to speed.

First off, as you know, we're expecting our first baby this June!  At 19 weeks we were fortunate to have an anatomy ultra sound, which is where you find out the baby's gender, should you want to know.  Ian and I are planners to the core, so of course we wanted to know.
Drum roll please.........

It's a GIRL!!
I was so surprised!! I had been having dreams that it was a boy, so naturally that's what we thought it would be.  I asked the technician to check 3 different times, just in case.  She was so sweet to oblige, and with her almost 30 years of experience, was very confident that it is a girl.  Hooray!!  Bring on the bows!
In addition to finding out the baby's sex, she also did the full anatomy scan.  What an amazing experience!  She pointed out the different lobes of the brain, the heart valves, cross sections of the spine... we could even count fingers and toes!  It's so amazing that at only 19 weeks old, our baby is her own little person. :)

In other news, our house adventures continue in an unexpected direction.  Our offer on the foreclosed house was rejected outright, and so we began the search again.  We ended up finding a really great house just one neighborhood over.  This one is a bit smaller than the previous one, but it's perfect for what we need!  And, it's owner-owned, so we don't have to negotiate with a bank (YAY!)  What a blessing!  It needs much less "emergency" work on it, which is good since we have a baby coming in a few months.  So far, everything has gone well with negotiations and the inspection, and we are set to move in next month!!
It's neat how God worked it all out for best.  Out of all the houses that we put offers on, this one definitely just seems... right.


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