Tuesday, September 25, 2012

September Fun!

September has been a wonderful month!

Not only do Ian and I have birthdays in September, but my parents came to visit for a whole week, along with my Grandpa!  We went and had an adventure on San Juan Island, visiting a whale watching park (no orcas this time, but my mom did see a dolphin!) and eating lots of tasty seafood.  Mmmmmmm.
 Waiting to get on the ferry
 Such a pretty day!
 At the park, looking for whales
 Mmmmmmm. Fresh seafood!
 Heading home again on the ferry.

We also took the time to take some family photos, spanning 4 generations!
Great Grandpa and his Great Granddaughter
Don't worry... we got this one taken right. ;) You'll have to wait until Christmas to see the final photo, though!
 Willow and all her cuteness, per usual!  Awwwwww.

We also were able to spend a day celebrating our 28th and 29th birthdays!  It was nice getting the whole family together.
 Grandma and Nana with Willow at our birthday celebration!

It was such a wonderful visit.  Thank you for making the trek out to Washington to see us!

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