Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tufts of Fur, and What They Mean

Mojito has been scratching his mane lately, and clumps of fur have been left all over the apartment. Naturally, we figured he must be shedding, since he's gone through quite a change, with location and climate. So we've been brushing him and brushing him, trying to stay on top of the problem, but to no avail. He just keeps scratching!

Yesterday, I looked a little closer at the skin on the back of his neck (and the base of his tail) and noticed he had all these little sores. Poor guy! And then I saw it. A black fleck... that MOVED.

Yup, Mojito has fleas.

I texted Ian and asked him to stop off at the pet store on the way home from work. (The closest one is in Everett, which is about 20 minutes away.) We got the meds and put it on his back and he was NOT happy about it. But, one day later, he seems much more chill. Hopefully that is the end of it! The medication is supposed to kill fleas and their eggs for quite a while. We have no idea where he got them; I suppose they just live around here.

And then this morning, I looked over and there he was, scratching out a nice tuft of fur.

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  1. Poor kitty! Living here in Colorado, I'd forgotten all about fleas.