Wednesday, September 7, 2011


For Labor Day weekend, two dear friends joined Ian and me at his parents' cabin. What a treat!

Inside the little cabin there is no running water and an old-fashioned wood burning stove to cook on. It really makes you apprectiate modern conveniences like plumbing and a stove that turns on with the switch of a knob. But... there's a huge fireplace which will warm you right up, and there IS electricity for lights and such. Hooray for electric griddles and tea kettles!

Outside, we set up the most incredible, awesome, giant swing in the entire galaxy. Totally epic. So magnificent, in fact, that I failed to get a picture that truly captured its "epic-ness." Perhaps next time? But I did capture the beautiful trees... Oh how I missed trees in Idaho!

The weekend was a blast! We went tubing down a river I don't know how to pronounce the name of (I think it's the Stillaguamish), and it was soooo cold. The half of my body that was submerged took about 20 minutes to get feeling back, once we got out. Earlier, we traveled just up the road a ways toward Darrington and picked blueberries at an organic farm. 5 1/2 pounds worth! And, we ate probably 4 pounds over the course of the weekend. Oh yum! And then there was just the time relaxing and swinging and napping under the trees.

What a blessing the weekend was for us! I hope to go up again soon, though for now I must come back to the real world and job hunt. Pray that goes well!

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  1. And it was sunny! I almost didn't recognize the cabin without water dripping off the eaves.