Monday, June 25, 2012

Now We Are 3

Hi Everybody!

Yup, I fell off the face of the planet.  Don't worry, though.  I've got a bungee cord tied to my waist to keep me from floating off into outer-space.

Since I last posted... I've had a baby!  She came 5 weeks early... so I "lived" at the NICU temporarily for 3 weeks until she came home.  We weren't really.... prepared.... so it has been a bit chaotic.  BUT, we are doing great now!  She is 7 weeks old currently, and cute as a button!

Meet Willow Nicole Brown!

Just a few days old

 Mommy loves her. <3

 Her quite lovely NICU room.

 It had been a long trek... Daddy was tiiiiiired!

And Willow, too!

 Mother's Day!

 Hearing test, take 2.  She partially failed the first one, so we were praying really hard that she would pass this time.. She DID!  And with flying colors, too!

 Car seat test to see if she can come home.

 Willow at home!

Willow is home now, and growing quickly.  She started at about 5 lbs, and now weighs over 9!  All that growing means lots of eating... which means no sleep for Ian and me.  But that's ok.  We love her SO MUCH!

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  1. And so do her grandparents! Thanks for sharing all the adorable photos. We can't wait to visit again!