Monday, January 28, 2013

6 Months Old!!

Haha... so I'm a bit behind on blogging.  I thought I would post an old unpublished post to bring you up to speed, and then fill you in... (From November 2012)

Willow turned 1/2 a year old yesterday!!  Happy half birthday, Willow!!

Let's see... to fill you in with what's been happening:
As far as the milk issue, I went back on per our pediatrician's suggestion.  Willow went on some meds to help with her acid reflux (her stomach acid was hurting her little esophagus and causing perpetual issues, so this should help cut down on the acid.)  It seems to help!!  She still spits up a lot, but now she isn't screaming and having nursing issues from it.  Hooray!  Our nurse friend suggested that she might be having these reflux issues because of the 3 weeks she had a gavage tube down her throat while in the NICU.  That would really irritate everything down there, and could cause some issues.  But, she should eventually heal up, and hopefully it will speed up now that the acid isn't re-opening the wound.

We made great strides on working on our yard.  Ian borrowed a weed-eater, put blades on it, and proceeded to tackle bush after bush. Muahahhahahahaaaa!!!   I think he enjoyed it. ;)  I also planted a bunch of iris in the front yard.  It's a little late for planting, but hopefully they will survive the winter and come up next spring/summer.  Should be pretty!!  Now we just need a few weekends with sun, or at least not torrential rain, and we can take up the plants in our backyard "weed island."  Looking forward to that!

Willow styling in her Halloween costume!  I know that was a little before 6 months, but she's so cute!!  She was a dragon. (Either Puff or Smog.)

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