Monday, January 28, 2013

Willow, Welcome to a New Year!

We've made it to 2013!  Guess the end-of-the-world folks are disappointed?  Or elated?  Eh, I wasn't too concerned.

Any-hoo, Willow is now 8 months old (almost 9!) and she's super advanced.  Well, kinda.  She can sit up without a bumbo and can pass toys from hand to hand.  Amazing!  If we stack up blocks she pushes them over, and she loves to put pretty much everything into her mouth.  For Christmas her lovely Aunt Teri and Uncle Jeremy got her a fun doorway bouncer, and she will bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce.  Oh my, it is soooo adorable!

She actually has control over which direction she faces now (she will always face you, wherever you are) instead of just going in circles. Haha!  It just took some adjusting on our part for the height of the seat.  If any of you are considering a gift for a friend with a new baby, something like this would be a great one!  The first few times she went in she wasn't very happy about being in it... but then one day it just "clicked" and now she thinks it is great! (And so do I, especially while cooking dinner!)

Willow also is starting to babble and she flaps her arms around while talking to you. 

She's gotten her two center bottom teeth (oi... that wasn't fun) and has developed an interest in teeth in general.  Maybe she will be an orthodontist someday?
--If you have ever read Anne Lamott's book Operating Instructions, how her son would inspect her teeth is exactly what Willow does!  By the way, the book is wonderful for new and old parents alike.  She is quite the writer!--

What can't Willow do?  Well, roll over from back to front, apparently.  But that's ok.  I think her gigantic cloth diapered bottom is to blame.  Poor girl!  All that padding makes it hard to lift her hips.  She'll get there eventually.  It's not her fault that her parents decided to CD! (speaking of which, we looooove!!  I should do a post on it.)

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